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The Underworld Journey of the Deaf Community

Like a felled beast, the Deaf community has laid nearly dormant in Saskatchewan for nearly thirty years. A war was fought and lost.  The provincial school for the deaf in Saskatchewan was closed in order to cut costs for the entire province. Those opposed to American Sign Language and the Deaf community,  washed their hands […]

Being a deaf organic intellectual

For days now, I’ve been stumbling around within myself as to how to respond to Dr. Kristin Snoddon’s blogpost from last week. When an academic makes you stumble around inside her words, you know she is doing her job as an organic intellectual. She wrote in her last blogpost about her ordeal of having to […]

Apple Time and Lobbying Know How

I wish these words from a long standing advocate in the deaf community could have influenced Deaf lobbyists in 1989 when the Deaf Education Advisory Forum recommended the closure of the R.J.D. Williams Provincial School for the Deaf.  We Deaf stumbled about nearly 27 years ago, in the disbelief that this could not be happening […]

Paddy Ladd

I’ve been mesmerized by the interviews with Paddy Ladd on BSL Zone.  Paddy Ladd is a deaf academic, who coined the word, “Deafhood” and is known for his advocacy for deaf education and deaf culture throughout the world.  He wrote a 500 page book called, In Search of Deafhood, a weighty tome presenting research on […]

Dawn Jani Birley and the Deaf Crows

It’s been a memorable day.  Dawn Jani Birley visited our classroom and participated in our theatre class preparing for Apple Time and Other Stories to be showcased at the Launch Festival of Youth Performance in March and fully performed again on June 2 and 3rd at the Artesian Theatre in Regina.  Dawn is a world […]

The deaf kid who isn’t going to be oral

Let’s go and look at that one more time.  Decide if we really need it or want it.  Murray and I are probably the most exasperating tire kickers.  Any car salesperson would cringe at the sight of Murray and I because they can’t cinch the deal with us in an hour or two.  We might […]

Social Responsibility of Deaf Academics

The burgeoning numbers of deaf academics around the world is exciting to witness.  I’ve attended two presentations done by deaf scientists who are working in European and American universities. We deaf come along ways from being a sad ragtag group living on the margins of society.  Yet the fight is not over.  This afternoon I […]