Monthly Archives: July 2016

Abyssal Thinking

So,  here’s the thing.  We divide the world into halves.   We are on the one side of the half, the half that gets all the resources, recognition, power, technology and knowledge,  and the other half has what?  Not very much that we need to pay any attention to except stuff we can use for […]

The Kalevala, Finnish Education and Deaf Crows

I finished reading the Kalevala on the flight home from Helsinki yesterday,  and as I walked through the worlds of Väinämöinen, Lemminkäinen, and Ilmarinen,  I saw how the Finnish psyche was formed through the Kalevala poetry and how that pysche has come to bear on the success of Finnish education.  For instance, the paganistic explanations of how the […]

The Saskatchewan Syndrome

Within two days,  I will have to fly back to Canada and enter into the highly charged world I live in,  fraught with tensions, contradictions, and work.   I’ve been travelling in Finland for the past month,  and I’ve observed from at distance,  a flurry of emails that are about who gets to be on […]