Monthly Archives: August 2017

Monkey Watching: DAC 2017

Last day of the Deaf Academic Conference here in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve had to process it for several hours before I could bring myself to write this blogpost.  I presented a short feedback session and it was frustrating as my Universal Sign was quite subpar and I knew it and I only had fifteen minutes […]

Social Responsibility of Deaf Academics

The burgeoning numbers of deaf academics around the world is exciting to witness.  I’ve attended two presentations done by deaf scientists who are working in European and American universities. We deaf come along ways from being a sad ragtag group living on the margins of society.  Yet the fight is not over.  This afternoon I […]

How are the hearing doing?

Today, at the Deaf Academic Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, I realized that I had flown over the pond to hear the obvious:  How are the hearing doing? Not very well, it seems. We spend a lot of time, money and expertise in collecting data on deaf people.  We ask questions concerning how the deaf are […]