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DHH Digital Citizenship – How do we get that?

This is the blog of all blogs, I guess.  I’m glancing at football players slithering around in the snow on TV from the corner of my eye and this is the first time I’ve sat down all day.  I’ve been standing at my high desk, creating videos about digital citizenship for DHH students.  Why now? […]

Aaron Schwartz, Open Access and Small Rebellions

Before I began my doctoral studies,  I had a long chat with a friend who was an associate professor at Laval University in Quebec City.   She warned me as to how hard it was going to be taking two classes on top of a full time job.  She said,  “it’s all about the funding arrangements […]

Digital Citizenship, auto-generated captioning and sex

Frankly,  sifting through all the autogenerated captioned videos about digital citizenship has taught me more about sex than anything else.  You have any idea of how similar the words for male and female anatomy sound to the rest of the English language? I dare you,  go ahead and try reading the captioning.  If there is […]

True Confessions

I’m deep into the final project for this class and I wish I could tell you more than about the management of at least a hundred  files, mostly video.  Boring, tedious stuff.  Recording, editing, cropping, green screening, file naming, storage, hyperlinks etc.  This is for the DHH e-book project outlining processes as to how to do […]

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Conviviality versus Introvertedness

Ivan Illich is one of my favorite people.  I immediately adopted him when I read Deschooling Society in my early twenties.  But I never thought to connect his work with technology until the reading for this week’s class.  I also looked up another one of his books,  Tools for Conviviality,  a work I’d been meaning […]

Dear Brother David

Dear Brother David, Yeah, I know you are not a Brother or a Monk but I thought this might get your attention since you pay scarce attention at our family gatherings.  Maybe we should use social media more often to stay connected.  Too busy, you say!  Well, you did complain on Facebook about my statement […]

New Media Literacies

I can remember my youngest sister Carol,  with a sullen look on her face,  with her classmates,  beating out a simple beat on a guitar, “Get thee to a nunnery”  in a video she and her classmates made for her Hamlet class (English 30B). Apart from the tights (she thought Hamlet might wear them but […]