Monthly Archives: November 2016

Turning off the Neon Lights:  Inbetween spaces where parents and their deaf children reside

I can’t help but think that we Deaf adults are really missing the boat when it comes to our lobbying for ASL and deaf education.  Equipped with our research,  our life stories, videos, testimonies,  we approach policy developers and educational administrators with irrefutable evidence that ASL is a viable, essential and required language in order […]

Black Apes, White Baboons and Deaf Crows

This was the week of black apes in heels, white baboons, and Deaf Crows. If it feels surreal, it was.  The western world seems to be in a free fall with the white baboons at the bottom chortling away,  thinking they have righted the ship,  finally,  once and for all.   The black ape in heels […]

Siege mentality and Deaf educators

A line from a friend in an email continues to reverberate in my mind,  a line that describes the mental state of a prospective Deaf student studying to become a teacher of the Deaf. In describing a certain program designed to train teachers,  she writes:  “in that program, the Deaf student would suffer PTSD” (post […]