Monthly Archives: September 2015

Digital storytelling and visual storytelling – is there a difference?

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital storytelling and looking at the multitude of websites, articles and tools devoted to digital storytelling.  There’s tons of stuff out there but there is very little on visual storytelling.  Is there a difference?  Yes, there is. The work I’m doing with our two artists in residence,  Chrystene Ells […]

There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.

This bastardized quote from Hamlet keeps running through my head when I consider the foundational theories in media education.  We are seeing a continuum ranging from digital dualism where there is a definite split between the online and offline worlds to a hybridized space where our humanity is being redefined. Being a cyborg myself (no […]

Digital Storytelling – Slow technology?

There are many apps out there designed to excite,  motivate, and facilitate learning experiences for students.  The one question that runs through my mind every time I look at a potential app is:  is it language rich?   I’m in the business of developing language so that my students can read and write with ease […]

Google Classroom versus multimodal literacies web based planner (

Last year I reviewed Literacies (Cope and Kalantzis, 2012), a most excellent introduction to multiple literacies and multi modal literacies in the classroom.  A companion website, has been developed and one of the most exciting features is a web based planner that helps you to incorporate multimodal principles when you develop your unit and […]

Hyperfocusing and media literacy: knowledge, skills, and personal locus

Some thoughts are beginning to emerge as to why this class makes me feel uncomfortable. Over the past two days,  after my attempt to join more google plus circles,  my inbox has doubled its size.  Reading Twitter makes me dizzy.  I am speed reading through blogs, thinking, when am I going to find the time […]

Getting started

This has been probably the most difficult start to the academic year at the university and at the school where I work as a full time resource teacher for (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) DHH adolescents.  The prospect of having to be a “leader” online is quite daunting as I am already a leader in […]