Weber Curriculum Vitae


  Joanne Weber

Curriculum Vitae

Fall 2014 – present Ph.D. (Education) University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

1987-88 Post graduate work, Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C., United States

1985-86 B.Ed. with Distinction, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

1986-87 B.A. Honours Certificate, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

1980-84 Masters in Library Science. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1977-80 B.A. General, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Work Experience
Jan – April, 2018 Sessional Lecturer, EDRG 310, University of Regina

2016 Reviewed academic journal submissions pertaining to culturally responsive pedagogy

2016 Teaching Assistant, EDRG 425, Culturally Responsive Literacy, University of Regina, SK

2013 – present University guest lecturer at EDRG classes, Social Work classes, University of Regina, SK.

2003 – present Resource Room Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, Thom Collegiate, Regina, SK

2002-2003 Instructional Designer, SIAST, Saskatoon, SK

1997-2000 Program Coordinator, North West Regional College, North Battleford, SK

1997 Resource Room Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, Bishop Murray Tutorial High School, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

1994-1997 Community Service Worker, Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Saskatoon, SK

1989-1990 Teacher of the Deaf, R.J.D. Williams Provincial School for the Deaf, Saskatoon, SK



2019 Co-principal investigator with Dr. Kristin Snoddon, SSHRC grant application (currently under review).



Co-artistic Director of Deaf Crows Collective, Inc production, Deaf Cabinet (Working Title), film slated for release in 2020.

  Co-artistic Director of Deaf Crows Collective, Inc production, Apple Time, Globe Theatre, Regina, Saskatchewan; SoundOff Festival, Edmonton, Alberta, February 2019, Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

  Performer and Creator of Thousand Ladders Down, A One Woman Show (in progress)

  Co-editor with Dr. Kristin Snoddon, Carleton University, Ottawa: Critical perspectives on Plurilingualism in Deaf Education: Policies and Practices in the Acquisition of Signed and Other Languages (in press)

2018 Consultation and support for Black Summer Production, Netflix Series, July 2018

  Co-artistic Director of Deaf Crows Collective, Inc production, Apple Time, Artesian Theatre, Regina, Saskatchewan, June 2 and 3, 2018

2017 Co-artistic director, The Deaf Forest, Art Installation, Dunlop Gallery, Regina Public Library

2016 Co-artistic director, Nay’s Story, Saskatchewan Arts Awards, Regina, Saskatchewan



Co-creator and writer of theatre production, Deaf Crows, Regina Saskatchewan



March 2019 Presenter, American Association of Applied Linguistics, The Secret of the Deaf Forest:  Deaf Translanguaging Spaces, Atlanta, Georgia

May 2018 Presenter, Canadian Disability Studies Association, “Disrupting Diversity: Apple Time as a liminal and rhizomatic space for all”, UR Congress, 2018.

May 2018 Co-Presenter with Dr. Kristin Snoddon, CCERBAL, University of Ottawa, Translanguaging and Sign Language Vitality in Education for Deaf Learners.

March 2018 Presenter, Theory and Method Seminar Series, University of Regina, Captive Songs: Deaf Shame, Intergenerational Responsibility, and Deaf Same: Developing a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in a Deaf Diaspora.

August 2017 Presenter, Deaf Academics Conference 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark – Captive Songs: Developing a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in a deaf diaspora.

April 2017 Panel Moderator, Accessibility and Inclusivity in the Arts,University of Regina, Saskatchewan

March 2017 Presenter, AAAL conference, Portland Oregon – A Reclaiming of Public Space through Ambivalent Discourses concerning ASL- English Bilingual Education

June 2016 Presenter, Art-based Research and Artistic Research, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland – Reinterpreting Arts Based Data Through Multiple Theories

February 2016 Presenter, Investigating Our Practices, University of Regina – From the Void to the Voice: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

July 2015 Poster Presenter, International Congress on Deaf Education, Athens, Greece, The More Things Change, The More They Remain the Same: A Literacy Needs Assessment

January 2015 Presenter, SIDRU, University of Regina, SK – Negotiating Deaf Identity in an Audist Educational Environment: An Arts-Based Inquiry

Program Development


Sept- Dec 2017 Supervisor of preservice teacher in high school DHH resource program


2015 – present

Arts based literacy intervention program for DHH adolescents funded by Saskatchewan Arts Board



Coordinator, Western Canada Conference on ASL English Bilingual Education, University of Regina

2013 Developed American Sign Language credit courses (ASL/DC 10, 20 and 30) for Regina Public Schools, approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

2001 Employability Skills Program – Delivered two employability skills training programs for youth at risk in the manufacturing and service sector in the Battlefords

2001 Cree/English Family Literacy Program adapted to FAS/FAE programming – Developed curriculum, facilitator’s guide and workshop planning guide for frontline workers and elders involved in FAS/FAE program delivery

 2000  Cree/English Family Literacy Program – Developed a model of Cree/English family literacy based on bilingual programming principles and involving elders and storytelling

 1998 Family Literacy at Work program Initiated, developed and coordinated the delivery of a family literacy program emphasizing partnerships with families at risk, schools, Social Services, Community Health and aboriginal organizations

1997 Entrepreneurial Training Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing – wrote a proposal, coordinated and assisted in the delivery of entrepreneurial training to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals


Blog, Deaf Marginalia
Snoddon, K. & Weber, J. (in press). Introduction: Plurilingualism and (in)competence in deaf education. In K. Snoddon & J. Weber (Eds.), Critical perspectives on plurilingualism in deaf education. Dordrecth, The Netherlands: Springer.

Snoddon, K.Weber, J. (accepted, in press). Commentary: Shapes and sites of deaf people’s transinstitutionalization. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies. Snoddon, K. & Weber, J. (Eds., under contract). Critical perspectives on plurilingualism in deaf education. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Weber, J. (2017-2018). (Chapter accepted) The Deaf way out of no way: Adaptation of a culturally relevant arts education (CRAE) model in a Deaf community devastated by cultural linguicide. Deaf Empowerment: Toward Decolonization of Sign Language Peoples, ed.Grushkin, D.; Monaghan, L. 

Weber, J. (2017-2018). (Chapter accepted). Interrogating local sign language ideologies in the Saskatchewan deaf community. Sign Language Ideologies in Practice, ed. Green, M.; Kusters, A.; Erin Moriarty Harrelson, E.; Snoddon, K., Mouton De Gruyter / Ishara Press, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Weber, J. (2017-2018) (Chapter accepted). Captive Songs of Resistance: A Posthumanist Cartography of a Deaf Diaspora. Handbook of Cultural Studies in Education, ed. Trifonas, P.; Jagger, S.,Routledge Cultural Studies.

Weber, J (2017-2018) (Chapter accepted). The impact of differing onto-epistemological stances toward plurilingualism and the implications for posthumanist plurilingual policies in education for deaf students, ed. Snoddon, K, Weber, J., Springer SBM NL.

Weber, J. (2017). Reinterpreting arts based data through a posthumanist lens. Synnyt/Origin. 1, Special Issue: Rethinking arts-based & artistic research, pp. 61-73

Weber, J. (2015). Negotiating Deaf Identity in an Audist Educational Environment: An Arts-Based Inquiry.  Ubiquity: The Journal of Literacy, Literature and the Arts. Research Strand, 2(2), pp. 80-113.

Weber, J. (2013). The Deaf House. Saskatoon, Thistledown Press

Weber, J. (2012). Community Literacy Plan for Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners.  Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

Weber, J. (2012). FoodSafe Training Manual for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults. Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

Weber, J., Pirbhai-Illich, F. (2011). SDHHS Literacy Needs Assessment, Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

Weber, J.  (2007). The Pear Orchard. Regina, Hagios Press

Weber, J., Klassen, N., Myo, L. (1997) Northwest Regional College Literacy Needs Assessment. National Literacy Secretariat.

Weber, J. (1992).  Language Lab: A Pilot Project at R.J.D. Williams School for the Deaf, Saskatoon,  ACEHI, 18(1), 1992, 43-50

Weber, J. (1997). Teacher Support in Mainstreaming Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Rural Saskatchewan: A Pilot Project, CAEDHH Journal, 23(1), 1997, 40-48



2017 – MacKinnon Scholarship, University of Regina
2016- Finalist, Saskatchewan Arts in Education Award, Saskatchewan Arts Awards
2016 – Saskatchewan Innovations Scholarship, University of Regina
2014 – Shared Values Recognition Program Recipient, Regina Public Schools
2013 – Finalist, Saskatchewan Book Awards for The Deaf House
2011 – John V. Hicks Manuscript Award for The Deaf House
2008 – City of Regina Writing Award for The Deaf House
2007 – Finalist, Saskatchewan Book Awards for The Pear Orchard
2018 – CAAL – Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics
2018 – Canadian Association for Disability Studies
2018 – AAAL – American Association of Applied Linguistics
2018 – AERA – American Educational Research Association
2018 – CSSE – Canadian Society for Studies in Education
2016 – present – Deaf Crows Collective, Inc., President
2013 – present – Regina Association of the Deaf
2016 – present –  Saskatchewan Cultural Society of the Deaf
2007 – present -Saskatchewan Writers Guild


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