Today, at the Deaf Academic Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, I realized that I had flown over the pond to hear the obvious:  How are the hearing doing? Not very well, it seems. We spend a lot of time, money and expertise in collecting data on deaf people.  We ask questions concerning how the deaf are […]

Marilyn Poitras, an appointed commissioner into the inquiry concerning missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada, resigned from the national committee, giving the reason below. “My main concern is that this commission is going down a tried road. We’ve been studied, we’ve been researched, we’ve gone and looked at Indians, and half-breeds and […]

The deaf community in Saskatchewan is always having to defend the legitimacy of their language and culture.  The continual emphasis upon having to justify our existence over and over again,  to repeatedly plead with governments for recognition, support and resources, and to attend meetings which are largely populated by hearing people and include very few […]

Today, I’ve spend seven hours on writing my doctoral comp finals.  After a nap, I’m ready to go back to the three screens I have open and the stack of books on my table.  But before I do, I want to comment about the Deaf Crows who went up to Saskatoon and set up a table […]

A student approached me the day I returned to school, having been sick. He said in a combination of sign and speech, sometimes unintelligible, trying to fingerspell a long word I had taught him once in the previous week. He said (to this effect). The sub teacher was ethno…ethno… you know the word, on the […]

I’ve been mulling over the recent attacks on deaf and hard of hearing children and youth in the form of budgetary cuts to services and programs.  What to do?  How to respond?  Some people are going to the media,  some people have started up petitions (which I’ve signed),  some people are writing letters (I’ve written […]

I’ve been reading and thinking about autoethnography whose aim is to interrogate the life experiences of the author within social, political and cultural contexts.  I’ve been reading a lot of tripe lately.  It’s difficult because many celebrated academics have produced autoethnographic accounts, which seem to me,  are incredibly self absorbed tracts while taking feeble aims […]