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The Old Ways

During this Thanksgiving, I realize that I am about the old ways.  Old ways that are tried and true.  In case you think I return to nostalgia concerning the ways things were, let me be clear.  The more I stay the same in my convictions, beliefs, and values, the more I yearn for change.  But […]

Monkey Watching: DAC 2017

Last day of the Deaf Academic Conference here in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve had to process it for several hours before I could bring myself to write this blogpost.  I presented a short feedback session and it was frustrating as my Universal Sign was quite subpar and I knew it and I only had fifteen minutes […]

The Saskatchewan Syndrome

Within two days,  I will have to fly back to Canada and enter into the highly charged world I live in,  fraught with tensions, contradictions, and work.   I’ve been travelling in Finland for the past month,  and I’ve observed from at distance,  a flurry of emails that are about who gets to be on […]

Happy New Years to CODAs

Just finished reading Bob Hoffmeister (2008)’s searing account of what it is like to be a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults).  I am reminded of my own two daughters and their CODA behaviours.   Of course, they draw a blank whenever I remind them of this but they’ve moved so far into the hearing world that […]

It’s not about you

“It’s not about you.”   This is becoming a familiar refrain for me when I talk to other teachers who work with DHH students.  When I am speaking from my better self, I can say it in a gentle tone, otherwise,  I speak out of exasperation,  and at times,  out of anger.  I need to get […]

The Lone Wolf and the Handless Maiden

No,  this isn’t the final blog by any means but it is getting close to the end of this class.  My major project turned out to be a monster.  In fact, it got so monstrous that my good natured husband said that if he went to Calgary this week,  I’d never even notice that he’d […]

Digital Citizenship for DHH Youth: A Very Bumpy Ride, Indeed.

  Digital citizenship is problematic for DHH children and youth.  Consider the following scenarios from my years of teaching :   a young Deaf woman, sent naked pictures to a young man in the same school.  The only way I found out about it was through the intervention of a local school officer.  This same young […]